Wanted – AFL Umpires for the School Sports Football Competition

Wanted AFL Umpires

SAAS provide many of the AFL games we program with AFL umpires.

We currently have 60 umpires working for the organisation.

We are looking to grow these numbers, with the future aim to provide trained umpires for all of the Senior and Primary matches in our association.

This is a great way for students to earn money, learn some new skills, create potential pathways, stay fit and stay involved in sport.

If you are interested, please contact Jason Brown (SAAS AFL Umpire Coach) jtbrown01@gmail.com 

or leo.panzarino@saas.asn.au


Students may be able to use this pathway towards SACE credit points.

10 SACE credits (stage 1) are awarded for completed of the Development Umpire Accreditation program, not the Basic Umpiring Certificate.

Development Umpire Accreditation is achieved by:

  1. A regular attendee at coaching & training sessions in two (2) consecutive seasons
  2. Completion of the AFL’s online Umpire Introductory Course (cost is $15).
  3. Umpiring matches on a regular basis
  4. Assessed by the umpire coaching staff as a competent umpire