Cross Country


  • Events are held on a Wednesday and begin at 4.15 pm.
  • Shield Season includes 5-point scoring events & Mercedes Relays across Term 2-3.
  • 3 additional events in Term 3 will conclude the Cross-Country season.
  • The school with the most points at the end of the 5 race meets wins the age Category Shield
SAAS Shield – Senior Boys (Yrs. 10-11-12) SAAS Shield – Senior Girls (Yrs. 10-11-12)
SAAS Shield – Middle Boys (Yrs. 7-8-9) SAAS Shield – Middle Girls (Yrs. 7-8-9)
SAAS Shield – Primary Boys (Yrs. 4-5-6) SAAS Shield – Primary Girls (Yrs. 4-5-6)

 Each participating school will be responsible for having their competitors wear on either side of their competition top, an adhesive label displaying the following details in the order presented –

  • Race Category (Primary Years 4/5/6), Middle (Years 7/8/9) or Senior (Years 10/11/12)
  • Gender
  • School Name
  • Runners Christian name followed by Surname.

PLEASE NOTEIt is the responsibility of each participating school to supply their runner with the adhesive label and to have runners accompanied by at least one ‘Official’.

As runners cross the finish line, labels will then be collected and adhered to a surface in finishing order representing an accurate finishing order which can then be separated into race categories and gender groups. In the case of someone losing their label on the run, that person will then enter their details as outlined above.

A Host School will be responsible for recording all runners in finishing order on the supplied Excel spreadsheet before submitting it to SAAS

Schools and/or individual runners will be responsible for recording times. Host Schools will not record times.

The point-scoring system is outlined in the table below. These points will be tallied, the school with the most points at the conclusion of the 6 race meets is the winner of the SAAS Shield in that age category.Mercedes Relays’ is a stand-alone event to conclude the Shield Season – 4 Runners are required for each team. Further details to come.

SAAS Shield Point SystemIf there is a dead heat in any race, both runners will receive full points:
1st Place = 20 Pts
2nd Place = 18 Pts
3rd Place = 16 Pts
4th Place = 14 Pts
5th Place = 13 Pts
6th Place = 12 Pts
7th Place =11 Pts
8th Place = 10 Pts
9th Place = 9 Pts
10th Place = 8 Pts
11th Place = 7 Pts
12th Place = 6 Pts
13th Place = 5 Pts
14th Place = 4 Pts
15th Place = 3 Pts
All Event Runners Score a Point for their School = 1 Pts


  • Only a team’s top 4 runners can score bonus points with other competing team members scoring the 1 participation point.
  • It adds a tactical element to the race day with runners who finish out of the top 4 placings but in the top 15 positions able to ‘block’ opposition runners from points by finishing in front of them and hence denying them that placings points.

2024 Race Meet Program


May 8/5 (Term 2)

Race Meet 1

SAAS Shield Round 1

St Peter’s Boys

May 15/5 (Term 2)


Race Meet 2

SAAS Shield Round 2

St Peter’s Boys
Personal Best Times Recorded
(PB Race *schools to record times)

May 22/5 (Term 2)

Race Meet 3

SAAS Shield Round 3

May 29/5 (Term 2)

Race Meet 4

SAAS Shield Round 4


June 5/6 (Term 2)

No Wed Race due to

 SSSSA Oakbank State Championships

June 12/6 (Term 2)


Race Meet 5

SAAS Shield Round 5


Personal Best Times Recorded
(PB Race *schools to record times)


June 19/6 (Term 2)

Head-to-Head Race 1 Finishing Schools
Division 1, 1 – 4
Division 2, 5 – 8
Division 3, 9-12

Loreto College
Term 2 Holiday Break
July 24/7 (Term 3)

Head-to-Head Race 2 Finishing Schools
Division 1, 1 – 4
Division 2, 5 – 8
Division 3, 9-12


July 31/7 (Term 3)

Head-to-Head Race 3 Finishing Schools
Division 1, 1 – 4
Division 2, 5 – 8
Division 3, 9-12

Aug 7/8 (Term 3)

Race Meet 7 – Relay (Separate Event)


 Aug 14/8 (Term 3)

 No Wednesday Race        (Intercol Round)

Schools arrange
between each other

 Aug 20-23 (Term 3)

School Sport Aust.   National Cross-Country Championships


Yarra Glen Racecourse