Strategic Directions


SAAS is the peak body for school sport providing a comprehensive range of programs for its members which are meaningful, inclusive  and well organised.


Provide an educational purpose and value through sporting activities between member schools

Provide and encourage interaction and healthy competition between member schools through sport

Provide high quality competition for all who participate and to encourage the importance of sport in a healthy lifestyle. Lower divisions where participation is the main aim should be an important part of the competitions.

Critical success factors

We will measure our performance through how we:

  • Increase the size and scope of the programs
  • develop new relationships with stakeholders not traditionally engaged in our work and or activities
  • grow, enhance and rejuvenate the SAAS brand
  • programs are clearly defined and structured
  • the competitions meet the needs of the members
  • attract and retain partners

Our Strategic Plan is shaped by four Goals

Goal 1:  Expand and improve the standards of the Sporting Programs conducted

Goal 2:  Strengthen Communications and Brand

Goal 3:  Increase the depth of Policy and Procedures  

Goal 4:  Enhance Governance and Operations