Cross Country

When it is run

The Cross Country competition is conducted in Term 2 and Term 3 on Wednesday afternoons. Various venues are utilised which are hosted by competing schools.

SAAS Cross Country

Events are held on a Wednesday and begin at 4.30 pm

5 Race meets across Term 2

The school with the most points at the end of the 5 race meets wins the age Category Shield

SAAS Shield – Senior Boys / Senior Girls
SAAS Shield – Middle Boys / Middle Girls
SAAS Shield – Primary Boys / Primary Girls

The runners will still need to be timed and these scores submitted to SAAS with points awarded to the top 15 runners in each category.

These points will be tallied, the school with the most points at the conclusion of the 5 race meets is the winner of the SAAS Shield in that age category.

The host team is responsible to record and forward the results to SAAS

Recommended Teams of 4 Runners with Unrestricted Numbers, all finishing participates score a point for their school.

Point System (Top 15 places awarded points in each Category)
1st Place = 20 Pts
2nd Place = 18 Pts
3rd Place = 16 Pts
4th Place = 14 Pts
5th Place = 13 Pts
6th Place = 12 Pts
7th Place =11 Pts
8th Place = 10 Pts
9th Place = 9 Pts
10th Place = 8 Pts
11th Place = 7 Pts
12th Place = 6 Pts
13th Place = 5 Pts
14th Place = 4 Pts
15th Place = 3 Pts
All Event Runners who finish 16th and above Score a Point for their School = 1 Pts

If there is a dead heat in any race, both runners will receive full points.

Relay is a Stand Alone Event to Conclude the Competition

Events will run Concurrently for

SENIOR (Yrs 10, 11 and 12) MIDDLE (Yrs 7, 8 and 9) Primary (Years 4-5-6)

2022 Program

DATES Races Host Schools
May 11/5 (Term 2) Race Meet 1 Pulteney
May 18/5 (Term 2) Race Meet 2 St Peters
May 25/5 (Term 2) Race Meet 3 Concordia
June1/6 (Term 2) Race Meet 3 Immanuel
June 8/6 (Term 2) No Race due to State Championships
June 15/6 (Term 2) Race Meet 5 CBC
June 22/6 (Term 2) Relay (Separate Event) Mercedes

July 27/6 (Term 3)

Extra Race Events-Preparation for National Champs Venue to be confirmed
Aug 3/8 (Term 3) Extra Race Events-Preparation for National Champs Venue to be confirmed